1. butterflies
  2. apple pies
  3. fluffy kittens
  4. pancakes
  5. dandelions
  6. pillows
  7. mandarins
  8. pixies
  9. uncontrollable diarrhoea
  10. sparrows
  11. vanilla icecream
  12. open weeping sores oozing with puss
  13. marshmallows
  14. toffee apples
  15. banana splits
  16. ugly babies with green snot running out of their noses and flaky scabby skin
  17. baby ducklings
  18. soft fluffy jam buns
  19. whipped cream
  20. a cold half squeezed teabag sitting in a sink full of dishes filled with cold water
  21. cute puppies
  22. toe nail clippings on the side of the bath

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